Provider Guide Plus

image003.png The “Search” feature of ProviderGuidePlus (PG+) has been improved!
To help narrow down the list of providers that appear when searching in a particular county, only agency providers who are actively billing in that county will be shown. If the individual/family member would like to see all agency providers who indicate with DoDD that they are willing to offer services in that county, the box on the home page “Show inactive providers in this county” should be checked.


Attached is a pdf file containing a new “user guide” for PG+
Note this is what was passed out at the April 12 SEC meeting if you were there. This user guide has two sides – one sidewalks a person through how to rate and review a provider, and the other side walks a person through how to search for a provider.The document is 8.5 x 11 and if printed out as a two sided document, it can then be cut into 3 separate guides. You may wish to print it on heavy duty paper so it is sturdier. Please give these guides to parents/families/individuals AND SSAs in order to encourage more usage of and traffic to PG+. We really want to see the number of reviews go up so it can be MOST HELPFUL to families and individuals as they attempt to select a provider. If you would like to post the guide on your website or would like a version that you can have professionally printed, please contact Terri Rice at and she will send you a different file to use.

image012.png Also attached is a “review us” reminder slip that was created for providers to share with customers.
Please feel free to share this with providers in your county. It is a Word document that can be personalized with the provider’s information. This was shared at the OPRA spring conference and was well received.

image014.png What can county boards do to help PG+ be successful?
a. Consider putting a link on your website that takes people directly to the PG+ website (
b. County boards have a “page” in PG+ just like providers do (although we do not receive ratings and reviews). Go into your page and make sure the information is accurate, and, post your picture! (If you no longer have your login information, go into PG+, click on “Support for Providers” then “Submit a Request” – you can send a request to the system administrator and ask that this be sent to you).
c. Let me know if you have regularly occurring parent meetings and would like to arrange a PG+ presentation for them.
d. Staff from Cuyahoga County Board of DD will be attending and/or presenting at a number of upcoming conferences and events, including the Tech Summit at Tiffin University and the Milestones Conference in June. If you are at these events, stop by and learn more!
e. Distribute the attached materials to help more people learn and hopefully use PG+.